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Pop up magic: how we helped people see VELUX® in a brand new light.

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2016 was all about growth for VELUX®. But when you're the leader in roof windows and everyone already thinks of you for their loft conversions, where do you grow next?

We could see that single storey extensions were growing in popularity – evidence of the growing ‘improve, not move' trend. But we noticed something else. Most of those extensions were being built without roof windows. Bingo! We'd identified a new space (literally) for VELUX to own.

So, how would Story convince homeowners and trade that VELUX roof windows were the bright choice for extensions? With an excellent fact, that's how.

Did you know roof windows bring in TWICE as much daylight as vertical windows of the same size? No, we didn't either. But when we heard that juicy nugget (ignoring the fact that nuggets can't really be juicy), we knew we had exactly what we needed to jolt people out of their current thinking.  

Everything we did from that moment on was about showing people – not just telling them – how a roof window could truly transform their extension.

Cue a credible daylight enthusiast and home-improvement influencer (Charlie Luxton) and a bit of pop-up magic!

“The difference is daylight”

We made a film featuring Charlie demonstrating the difference roof windows make to your extension. Using a cool, customised, cardboard-engineered house, no less.


That drove people to a raft of rich online content, including inspirational image galleries, an immersive 360° tour of a real extension, and practical guides on planning and budgeting for extension projects. You name it, we did it.

VELUX<sup>®</sup> VELUX<sup>®</sup> VELUX<sup>®</sup> VELUX<sup>®</sup> VELUX<sup>®</sup>

And we’ve been showing VELUX® in a different light across other integrated campaigns too, taking their new white painted roof window range straight to No1...

And helping people get daylight right with VELUX blinds (sometimes you can have too much of a good thing).


Did our Extensions campaign help people see VELUX® in a brand new light? The results speak for themselves…

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Thanks to the Story team for helping us win Gold – truly a collective effort and helped us get up there for Star Marketing Team of the year too.

Andrew Lumsden, Senior Marketing Manager, VELUX
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