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Packaging design / product launch : Stoats

The packaging that got Stoaters hopping, scampering, leaping, lolloping and flying off the shelves.




Food & Drink, FMCG


March 2018

Stoats, Edinburgh’s famous porridge pioneers, spotted a gap for a kids’ snack that’s both healthy (so parents like them) and tasty (so kids will actually eat them).

They worked closely with nutritionists, parents and kids to get the recipe for their new Stoaters snack bars just right.

But they also knew those little bars of goodness weren’t going anywhere unless they looked as good as they tasted. So they asked us to work our magic on the packaging.

Except it soon became clear that this was more than a packaging brief.


A particularly tasty brief

The crux of this project was getting to know our audience. Or audiences.

First there were the purchasers – parents, schools and supermarket buyers – who would need credible, rational reasons to choose Stoaters.

But then there were the real consumers – the kids themselves. The ones with the pester power. And we know they respond to more instinctive, emotional connections.

There was nothing for it. To answer this brief, the creative team would have to channel their inner 7-year-olds.* And here’s what they found…

A prevalence of popular TV shows and cartoons that feature characters who, on paper, make no sense whatsoever. But kids love their humour, cheekiness and entertaining attitude.

So inspired by the flavour combos in Stoaters, we developed cool little characters that are a mash-up of animals and fruit.

*This didn’t prove much of a challenge.

Stoaters Stoaters Stoaters Stoaters Stoaters

Each one has their own personality traits, talents and interests – reflecting and celebrating the diversity of kids in schools today.

They’re quirky, memorable and visually appealing – and reinforce the benefits of Stoaters: natural, healthy and full of energy.

But most important of all, these characters don’t just live on the packaging. They come alive in children’s imaginations, in the digital space and even in the real world.

All of which is helping to get these wee Stoaters off the supermarket shelves and into some lucky kids’ lunchboxes.

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