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Packaging Design / Product Launch : IRN-BRU

This iconic brand – and every Scot’s favourite soft drink – asked us to help launch their original recipe from 1901. Think of it as your Great Great Great Irn-Bru.




FMCG, soft drinks


December 2019

We’re well known for our whisky NPD, branding and packaging work. So AG Barr, makers of the renowned IRN-BRU brand asked us to concept and create the packaging for their new limited edition IRN-BRU 1901. 

To the envy of all our friends we enjoyed a sneaky preview taste and can confirm it’s awesome. IRN-BRU 1901 is being sold exclusively in Scotland in glass bottles and has been made to its original recipe from 1901 when IRN-BRU was first launched.  

‘Old and unimproved’

We badged it ‘Old and Unimproved’ to communicate the authenticity of the 1901 recipe. The premium label design celebrates the brand’s rich heritage, featuring its original Highland athlete iconography and AG Barr’s original signature.

Our label copy captures the essence of IRN-BRU 1901:

‘Taste the first ever IRN-BRU recipe, bru’d just like we used to in 1901. Made from girders, it’s brilliantly sweet and caffeine-free, with a cheeky wee heid on it. But it’s still that taste you can’t describe. Because there’s nothing like it. Not back then. Not now. Not ever.’

Whilst it won’t be delivered by Clydesdale horses as per 1901, it’ll be available in corner shops and major retailers across Scotland!

I never doubted that Story were the right people for this launch, but the quality of the thinking and the depth of the work they shared was superb. The final packaging we think, pays respect to the brand’s rich provenance but with the odd cheeky wee twist that makes it unmistakably IRN-BRU.

Allan Little, Brand Controller at AG Barr.
Irn Bru Logo Irn Bru Old and Unimproved Irn Bru Irn Bru Label AG Barr Irn Bru Old and Unimproved
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