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Website build : Glasgow Science Centre

The mind-boggling brilliance of Glasgow Science Centre’s bespoke ticket booking system.


Glasgow Science Centre


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August 2017

Visit Glasgow Science Centre (GSC) and you will find a mind-boggling array of super-cool, interactive and fascinating exhibits and events.

Trouble was, until recently their online offering didn’t match that offline experience.

GSC tasked us to build a completely new website that would not only reflect their new branding, but would be as visually stimulating, innovative and inspiring as the science centre itself.

But there was another consideration. To make it a revenue generator.

This site couldn’t just be a looker. Behind the scenes it had to be a grafter too.

Glasgow science Centre

Technically speaking, this could be a bugger

Story Digital stared at the fork in the road. There was the easy path – a nice simple off-the-shelf booking system for people to buy advance tickets for GSC entry and events.

And then there was the trickier path. The one that would involve integrating three separate platforms – a stock system (Gamma), a CMS (Drupal 8) and a shop and ticket booking system (Magento 2). The one that would involve working with Gamma to expand its existing API and capabilities. The one that would involve building a completely bespoke solution for GSC.

But oh, the rewards would be worth it wouldn’t they?

Of course they were.

Glasgow Science Centre Glasgow Science Centre Glasgow Science Centre Glasgow Science Centre

Glasgow Science Centre's new booking system seamlessly allows people to buy multiple ticket types for different times and at variable prices. It's all done in real time, showing accurate, live ticketing information. And we introduced a ticket reservation period, so there's no over-selling and no unsold tickets languishing in abandoned baskets.

What's more, using our UX expertise we gently nudged people towards making a donation to GSC (a charity) while purchasing their ticket, and gift aiding that donation when appropriate. So more revenue for GSC.

As Jimmy Carter once said, "Why not go out on a limb. It’s where the fruit is."

Plum, anyone?

Glasgow Science Centre
Glasgow Science Centre
Glasgow Science Centre
Glasgow Science Centre
Glasgow Science Centre
Glasgow Science Centre
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of sales included gift aided donation in first 3 months
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