So you’re a copywriter with around 3-5 years experience and a suspicion that you’re not – yet – the best you can be?

We might have a job for you.

Story is a multi-gonged creative agency based in central Edinburgh. And right now we’re looking for a middleweight copywriter to join our team.

It’s not all words, words, words

At Story the role of copywriter is first and foremost about ideas. Working with an art director to find a brand’s competitive edge. Pinpointing the most effective marketing messages. Telling stories that customers will share. Eliciting a response or change in behaviour.

In short, we're about coming up with ideas you can advertise, not just advertising ideas. So tell us, in your own words, why we should hire you.

We’ll be looking for:
  • Examples of ads
  • Persuasive writing
  • Different tones of voice
  • Powerful headlines
  • Long, well-structured copy
  • Writing for all types of media
  • 3-5 years’ copywriting experience – ideally some of them in an agency
  • And of course, great ideas

Send your pitch to

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